Art of the week


Touching hands mosaic

By Vera Arestakesyan 


It might not mean a lot to many, but this drawing means a lot to me.

I’ve always been amazed at the beauty of mosaics- the way some stones would shimmer and the way some would be dull, all effects added by a human hand.

So I decided to draw something somewhat similar.

These two hands are shattered- broken. They extend to assist each other. Representing two people in need of help providing help to one another.

As for the background, the reason it looks like how it does is because I wanted to indicate that no one has a perfect and easy path drawn. Sometimes you see the struggles a person goes through, yet sometimes you don’t, but that doesn’t eliminate them.

But you should never forget that the pieces could be put together, that there is always a brightness that awaits to rise on the horizon.