TV Show Review: Stanger Things 2


Even Better than the Last: Stranger Things Season 2

By Amber Arnaout

In the television industry, the success of the first season does not warrant that the next will be as successful and its last. As such, the pressure to create a new season that is just as good, if not better than before, continues to rise. However, Matt and Ross Duffer chose to fight against the odds in order to give their fans what they wanted.

One of the most popular netflix originals of 2017 makes its return just in time for this year’s Halloween season. People all over America sat in anticipation as they endured the long wait for the release of season 2 of Stranger Things on October 27.

The Duffer brothers were once again successful in delivering yet another suspenseful and enticing nine episodes. This series contains everything from a coming of age story to a foreboding thriller that is capable of keeping your interests piqued till the very last second.

At the conclusion of season one, Eleven is seemingly trapped in the upside down after sacrificing herself to save her friends, but fans are left speculating whether that is actually true as we see Jim Hopper leaving Eggo Waffles in the woods. I think it’d be safe to say that Eleven will return for season two and lead a pivotal role in the plot.

The group of boys are all dealing with the loss of Eleven, but Mike takes it especially hard and even refuses to let Maxine, a new character to the series who is also known as Mad Max, in their group. Dustin continues to embrace his nerdiness and even makes an unlikely friend who he names D’Artagnan, while Lucas seems to be the only rational one.

Will Byers, who was trapped in the upside down for practically all of season one, is seen coughing up a slug, which means that the upside down and it’s monsters will definitely continue to be the main antagonists in the next season. The events of season two definitely get darker and many have even expressed the increase of gore and scare factor used.

The Duffer brothers exceeded my personal expectations and seemed to add a new take on the story that we didn’t get to see in season one. The character development from the beginning to now is absolutely perfect as we can watch the characters that we love so much grow up and mature while having to deal with unexpected dangers in every corner.