ABH Glow Kit Review


By Julia Loughlin

The ultimate highlighter. With a creamy formula, light to the touch with a blinding swipe to your cheekbones.

The Anastasia Glow kits at a reasonable price of $40 at Sephora, allows you to four different shades in one combined palette. What makes this palette stand out is the formula. This highlight never looks chalky or glittery. But rather leaves a glow from within glow.

There are a total of three different Glow kits with four pans, there are larger sizes with wider shade ranges. The first one, my personal favorite “Sun dipped” this palette has a mix of bronze tones and soft golden glows. The next palette “Gleam” is mostly pink tones. And lastly “Sweets” has a bright white tone, with a mix of rosey tones.

Overall The ABH Glow kits are definitely highlights that you need, with any shade of your choice.