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Falling For You – Weezer

By Amber Arnaout

Courtesy of Google Images

“Falling For You”, was released on Weezer’s Pinkerton album on September 24, 1996. The band consists of Rivers Cuomo on vocals and lead guitar, Matt Sharp on bass guitar, Brian Bells on rhythm guitar, and Patrick Wilson on drums.

 The song is originally written by Cuomo who has admitted on The Lion and Witch EP that it is one of the most difficult to perform live. This is mainly a result of the various chord progressions and key changes that occur throughout the whole song.
 When the song first opens, you hear what sounds like a woman speaking an Asian language. This is because during the recording session Cuomo’s amp was receiving radio interference. Instead of merely starting the recording again from the beginning, he decided to keep it as it fit the mood of the song as well as the vibe of the entire album.
 “Falling For You”, like many of the other songs on the album, does not have conventional rock patterns but the rhythm and beat of it clearly compliments the lyrics of the song.