Chew on This: Settling the burrito brawl (Queso)


Baja Fresh Queso Fundido

Baja Fresh Queso Fundido

By Davit Antonyan and Tina Takhmazyan

[continued from “Chew on This: Settling the burrito brawl”]

To begin our meals, we had to order the iconic Tex-Mex side dish: queso. With Chipotle boasting this new addition to their menu, we were eager to compare their queso with the classic “smoky queso fundido” of Baja Fresh.

The smoky queso fundido consists of a three pepper, jalapeño cheese dip mixed with a “salsa roja,” or a medley of tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, garlic, red peppers, and a six-chili base, served warm with freshly made tortilla chips.

The queso sauce was a reminder of elementary school—in other words, nachos covered in a rancid chunky cheese sauce that came from a hefty, super-saver can of artificial “gourmet nacho cheese.”

Placing aside nostalgia, the queso sauce tasted strangely sweet, had a disturbing yellow color and plastic-y texture, and solidified within minutes of being exposed to the open air. The only plus was the addition of the chilis, as they brought some much needed smoky spice.

The Baja chips did not make things any better, as the brown bag they came in was soaked in grease, and the chips were bland, unsalted, and, disconcertingly, tasted like cardboard. Overall, the smoky queso fundido was a terrible side dish to what was once an optimistic meal.

On the other hand, Chipotle’s recently released queso was highly anticipated by fans. Boasting a preservative-free queso without any added colors or flavorings, and made with all-real ingredients, this latest addition fit right into the rest of Chipotle’s all-star lineup.

The queso from Chipotle was love-it or hate-it for customers, with most airing their delight or disappointment on social media. However, we both really enjoyed the queso. Now it wasn’t the most authentic queso we had ever had, but it was a pleasant surprise, especially after the abomination that was the smoky queso fundido.

Proper credits go to Chipotle for producing a queso that remains liquid while also not compromising the integrity of the natural ingredients. Overall, this queso stays true to brand. It’s a little spicy, a tad tangy, ultra comforting, and as ooey-gooey cheesy as you can get without fully stepping into artificial territory.

To pair with the queso, we recommend their incredible chips. Lime and salt—that’s what makes Chipotle’s chips reign supreme. If you want a satisfying side to your meal, Chipotle’s chips and queso is a winner.

Chipotle Chips and Queso