Song of the Week


Pixies – Where Is My Mind

By Amber Arnaout

Courtesy of Google Images








“Where is My Mind?” is undoubtedly one of The Pixies’ most recognizable song. Before its 1988 debut in the album Surfer Rosa, people considered their big hits to be “Here Comes Your Man” and “Head On,” but that all changed. After its release, it instantly became one of the biggest hits appearing in countless television shows and movies including the infamous Fight Club.

The Pixies’ lead singer, Black Francis, managed to convey a feeling of confusion, insanity, and pure bliss all at the same time whilst maintaining the signature style of their band. This may be due to the fact that it was inspired by his trip to the Caribbean and the so-called feeling of “being chased by a fish” while scuba diving.

The song is a quintessential reflection of the simplicity in songwriting and proves that complexity is not synonymous with better music. Despite the lyrics being on the verge of incomprehensibility, the unembellished riffs are nothing but effective.

The Pixies are the epitome of nineties grunge and alternative and will continue to represent that. Kurt Cobain has even come out saying that “Smells like Teen Spirit” was a replica, although not exact, of “Where is My Mind.”  Some recognize that a true trademark of the song is Black Francis’ vehement vocals accompanied by Kim Deal’s exquisite back up lyrics which truly make up this perpetually iconic song.