By Amber Arnaout

Courtesy of Google Images

A lab full of steel tables, goggles, and surgical instruments line the counters and a ragtag group of forensic specialists rush to solve countless murders using only the information found on the bones of the deceased. The crime drama, Bones was released in September of 2013 and concluded its twelfth and final season in March of this year.

Doctor Temperance Brennan, a renowned forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institution, has a talent for finding clues from only a victim’s bones. She works alongside FBI agent Seeley Booth, and the duo defies the gender norms found in most crime dramas.

Usually the emotional and comprehensive woman is paired with the collected, intelligent and competent detective, but in this case, Dr. Brennan is the rational one while Booth sticks to his gut and relies more on his heart.

They start off as partners and create a strong friendship built on mutual trust that develops into one of the most favorite TV pairings. The two of them bring a great balance of personalities, which makes the show much more enjoyable.

Bones has persevered through twelve seasons and has brought both laughter and sorrow to the homes of their fans across the US. Although the show has come to an end, it will always be one of my crime show favorites.