Tarte Foundation

By Julia Loughlin

Tarte Cosmetics. This brand is famous for its Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer. This full coverage concealer is a go to for beauty gurus, so when Tarte launched the foundation, the bar was set high, due to the expectations of the concealer.

However, when Tarte revealed the foundation, fans were shocked! It is 2018, and a makeup brand with a great reputation launched only 15 skin tones. It is heartbreaking that not everyone will be able to try this new foundation, because of the lack of deeper shades available. A brand must know to cater to everyone before a launch, however Tarte did apologize and has promised for the next launch, to provide more shades.







Shape Tape Matte Foundation and Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation which both retail for $39, have the same large doe foot applicator which was a hit with the concealer, allowing for one swipe to cover all your needs, which is a plus side to this foundation.

Although I have not been able to try it out for myself, based off reviews, the matte foundation is too drying for most people’s liking, and the hydrating one does not provide enough coverage. So far, not a product I see myself  purchasing.