Song of the Week


J Cole- Deja Vu.

By Albert Luna

In honor to his 33rd birthday on January 28th, this week’s song goes to J Cole’s “Deja Vu”. Cole has a song under the name of January 28th to remember his birthday as what he portrays to be a really important date.
Despite the controversy about the beat being very similar to Bryson Tiller’s 2015 hit “Exchange”, many people gave a lot of attention to this track on Cole’s latest album “4 Your Eyez Only.”
On this track, it is from the point of view from Cole’s friend James McMillan Jr., who visualizes a conversation with a girl at the bar. He wants a chance but he knows he won’t give it to him because she is only interested in guys from a small towns. This is a reference to “A Tale of 2 Citiez” where he explains that he left his hometown to pursue his career.
Cole’s hook includes him convincing his friend to approach the girl now because he is waiting too long and the club they are in is about to close.
At last, he makes an allusion to the Bible about the promise land, which you could say he finally reached with the girl at the club. After all this, he is still unsure it will work out.