TV Update


By Michelle Shvedov

The Rookie:

Release date: October 16,2018

John Nolan always dreamed of becoming an LAPD officer. He is the oldest rookie on the force and his bosses criticize and don’t believe in him. He has to try and fit in with all the young and experienced cops. If he fails to do do it may jeopardize his and other people’s safety. The show will air today on the ABC network.

Anne With an E:

It is based on the book Anne of Green Gables and has two seasons out so far. The third season has been confirmed to return on Netflix. In the story two siblings, a brother and sister, adopt a boy from an orphanage to help them with work in their farm. When the brother goes to pick the boy up he is shocked to find they have received a girl instead. Through the story, we follow Anne as she adjusts to her new family and learns how to behave in their society.

Credit: The American Conservative