What is Your Mental Age?



Pick A, B, C, or D. Then, see your results at the end.

  1. Which pet would you rather have?

A.) Dog

B.) Cat

C.) A small animal

D.) Mythical Creature

  1. When you have homework, what do you usually do?

A.) Do it right when I get home. I never procrastinate.

B.) Relax then do it later in the day

C.) Don’t do it at all

D.) Procrastinate

  1. You have a limited amount of money, what do you do?

A.) Save the money for later

B.) Spend some of it, and save the rest

C.) Spend the entire amount

D.) I’m already rich so I will never have a limited amount of money

  1. Pick a way to receive your daily news

A.) Newspaper

B.) Technology and social media

C.) I don’t care about news

D.) I don’t have time for news

  1. If you could get a summer job, would you be willing to have one?

A.) Yes, definitely

B.) I’ll get one later

C.) I don’t want a job

D.) I don’t need one


As- Your mental age is 20 to 25 years old. You are responsible, care about your future, and are willing to spend your time in order to create a good foundation for your future.

Bs- Your mental age is 14-19 years old. You are not as responsible as an adult, however, you still care about your future. You procrastinate a lot, like any typical teenager. But, you are slowly maturing.

Cs- Your mental age is 10-14 years old. You are almost a teenager, but not there yet. You can be immature and irresponsible at times. But, you are trying to gain your own independence.

Ds- Your mental age is 5-10 years old. You still think like a child. You do not worry much about your future and are still trying to develop. You are also trying to find your talents and your personality.

Variety- Your mental age is 15 years old. You are mature, but still a child inside. You enjoy doing activities and would rather prefer doing anything than homework.