Knitted Sweaters 

Knitted Sweaters 

Knitted Sweaters 

It’s officially fall folks and what’s the best fall trend to stay warm and fashionable than a knitted sweater.

     The idea of knitting went form a necessity to make clothing to a hobby but knitted sweaters seem to always find their way back every fall.

These sweaters have maintained their original look throughout the decades and can be seen being worn in various ways.

For example women tend to wear their sweaters with a skirt or a pair of jeans or leggings.

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To add more uniqueness and originality women also tend to pair pearls whether it be a pearl necklace,earrings, or bracelet.

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Knitted sweaters are not only worn by women but by men too.

Despite the contrary belief that knitted sweaters are feminine men seem to enjoy wearing the sweaters over a collared shirt along with their favorite pair of jeans or over a plain colored t-shirt.  Image result for knitted sweaters for men over a collared shirt

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Knitted sweaters come in all different designs and colors which is why every year they make a comeback.

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Therefore when the leaves begin to fall you know that it’s officially time to pull out or buy new knitted sweaters to remain comfortable yet fashionable through the cold seasons approaching.

Zoe Romano