Do students prefer virtual school rather than public school?


By Katherine Nalchajyan

Imagine this: you’re snuggled up in your comfy bed when you hear your annoying alarm clock. You quickly shut it off and walk over to where your computer has been charging for the night. You hastily open it up then click, click, click, a few moments later you’re taking notes on quadratic functions in zoom.

It may seem like it’s easy but virtual classes can be a challenge. Having to balance school at home can be difficult, especially with google classroom notifications piling up on your phone.

With COVID-19 still causing problems, we have to make do with what we got, which is school Chromebooks at home. Although it was and still is a good solution, there are also cons that come with it.


It can be pretty hard to concentrate on a lesson sometimes, especially if your mom is calling you from the living room or your phone is buzzing next to you. 

I, like many students, enjoy learning in a classroom rather than at home. It’s more convenient and this way there are fewer distractions while learning. Some students don’t have a great home environment and adding online school to the mix isn’t such a great idea. But when you’re in a classroom with nothing disrupting you besides the regular whispering of classmates and ticking of the school clock on the wall, you can focus on the task given at hand.

Asking for help can be hard to do but with the help of friends can be done. Unfortunately, online school doesn’t really allow that choice. You simply have to pluck up your courage and unmute yourself before the teacher ends the call which many students do not do and end up very confused about the lesson.

“I prefer public school because when isolating ourselves from close relationships we can often drift away and become antisocial. So, we as students grow as a person together when making mistakes and connecting with each other. I’d prefer to be in a classroom filled with people I can see, touch, and connect with.” stated Hermine Maissian (’24).

As Maissian stated, seeing others in person is much better than seeing them on your screen. It’s much easier to get to know someone and connect with them in person than it is in online school. Not only do the teachers not get to know their students but also vice versa. 

Freshman Sophie Akopian had mixed feelings about virtual classes.

“I would say they [online and public school] both have their ups and downs,” Akopian said. “Online school allows me to wake up later and work from home, yet I don’t get the same social interactions with my friends, which is a little difficult.”

Others claim that virtual classes are so much easier to get by. 

One reason online school is better is that you can learn depending on your own personal work style, whether fast or slow. 

“I like how I can manage my own time and do my homework on my own schedule,” said sophomore, Andrea Zakarian.

Virtual classes also provide you with something that public school doesn’t, personal freedom. Meals whenever you want, taking breaks whenever you feel like it, and best of all, no dress code. 

You also get to save a few bucks with online school. Instead of wasting your morning hurrying to the bus station or driving, you just have to open up your laptop, and boom, you’re already at school.

Even so, public school still seems like a better option to me than online, and it should for you too. There are many reasons why learning in a classroom is better than at home. No matter what your specific priorities are, you will find that it’s better to be learning at school than at home.