Hoover grad’s movie becomes hit on Hulu

Sev Ohanian, who co-wrote and produced the movie Run, sees movie become most-watched movie on streaming device.


By Katelyn Song, Staff Writer

Sev Ohanian’s fame continues to grow. Ohanian, a Hoover High graduate who co-wrote and produced Run, an American horror-mystery movie that is directed by Aneesh Chaganty, just saw his latest movie become a hit the weekend it became available on Hulu. 

The film, which stars Kiera Allen as a homeschooled daughter and Sarah Paulson as her mother, just became Hulu’s most-watched film upon release.  

“Co-writing and producing RUN has been one of the most challenging experiences in my career so far, so the fact that the film has had such an incredible response from critics and audiences feels amazing,” Ohanian told the Tornado Times in an exclusive interview. “I’m so proud of our entire cast and crew who all worked so hard to earn this moment.”

In the first three days, not only did Run beat all the previous Hulu Original Films, but also it beat licensed SVOD (subscription video on demand) films. Chaganty planned on releasing the movie on Mother’s Day Weekend, but due to COVID-19 the release date has gotten postponed to now. 

“I can still hardly believe that one day Aneesh and I can have an idea for a script, and then a few short years later it’s a movie being seen by millions of people all over the world,” Ohanian said. 

The film has received positive reviews and holds an approval rating of 91% with a rating of 7.2/10. 

“If you’re like me and you were captivated by the story of Gypsy Rose and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, then I’ve got a psychological thriller with your name on it,” Jessica Gomez of AllHorror.com said.