Hoover Says Farewell to English Teachers

Ms. Vargas and Ms Emmett to transfer to Roosevelt Middle School.

Hoover Says Farewell to English Teachers

By Maria Akhverdyan, Staff Writer

Hoover’s treasured English teachers, Ms. Vargas and Ms. Emmett will be departing Hoover and making their way onto Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale, ready to transcend their teachings to a new group of students. As a means to provide closure and clarity for Hoover students, they have answered the most desired questions.

What made you decide to transfer? 

Emmett: “I have been teaching at Hoover for 20 years and when I heard Roosevelt had an opening, I thought that it would be a new challenge and an opportunity that wouldn’t come again for many years.”

Vargas: “I realized over the last year how important it is for me to be more present in my daughter’s life. Roosevelt is a block away from her school. I would be able to walk her to school and pick her up after school. Unfortunately, as a high school teacher, my responsibilities are greater. I am sorry to leave, but I’m excited for the new adventure.“

What are you going to miss most about Hoover?

Emmett: “There’s so much I will miss about Hoover. I will miss the students and their kindness. When I first came to Hoover, I was surprised that many of my students both greeted me and said thank you or goodbye at the end of class. I will also miss the incredible staff, teachers, and administration here at Hoover. Everyone has always been so supportive.”

Vargas: “I will miss my students, Relay for Life, my wonderful fellow teachers and administrators and staff. I will miss it all!”

Why did you decide to transfer to Roosevelt?

Emmett: “Earlier in my career as a teacher (here and in Arizona), I taught middle school and 9th-grade students. It is a different experience than what I have been doing for the last several years, and I realized I was feeling the need to change things up a bit. I love helping all students learn and gain confidence no matter what age, but this opportunity just feels right at this time. Roosevelt has a great reputation in Glendale, and one of my friends who taught there told me he was moving away, so I thought I’d try it out.”

Vargas: “Roosevelt is a wonderful school. The opportunity presented itself at a time I was ready to make a change. I didn’t think the opportunity would come again.”

How long have you been at Hoover?

Emmett: “I have been teaching at Hoover for 20 years.”

Vargas: “16 years. I also did my student teaching at Hoover!”

What is your fondest memory at Hoover?

Emmett: “Wow!  This is a tough one. I have so many. The first graduating class with students I taught in 9th grade, my own daughter’s graduation from Hoover, all the field trips with AVID and so much more. Another very special thing I have been able to do at Hoover is to be the advisor for Key Club. I will never forget the first Key Club District Convention I attended. I had just become the advisor and we went to Sacramento, where thousands of high school students filled the convention center to share ideas and learn about serving others, about how to organize their clubs, how to socialize and work together. It was amazing seeing so many young people at one time all focused on service.”

Vargas: “There are so many! My first class, all my Relay memories, proms, homecoming, the poster drop every year! I will take so many cherished memories with me. Hoover is a special place. I am so lucky to have spent so much time here.”

What message do you have for your students?

Emmett: “If I could encourage Hoover students to do anything, it would be to always give their best effort and keep being curious. How we approach life determines what we get out of it, and I have hopes that all my students find satisfaction and success in their futures.”

Vargas: “You don’t have to have it all figured out right now. Try everything you want to try and don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself over and over. Life is short but it is also long. You have plenty of time to do what you want to do. “