Hoover ed assistant passes away

Vilma Bedrossian, who was at Hoover for 12 years, died Saturday


Vilma Bedrossian, left, worked at Hoover for 12 years. She died on Saturday

By Emma Ghalustians, Staff Writer

Vilma Bedrossian, an education assistant at Hoover High School from August 2009 to June 2021, passed away Saturday at the age of 63 with her family and brother at her bedside. She had a brave fight against cancer, with grace, strength, and love.

“Throughout this ordeal, Vilma was our rock,” explained Vilma’s husband of 37 years, Vic Bedrossian on his Facebook page. “She admonished me to ‘stop moping around,’ and I did.”

Bedrossian had a caring personality and always wanted to help people. She showed it through raising spirits even when there were others trying to raise hers.

Vic Bedrossian also explained that because of Vilma, their family became strong and loving and they are comforted to know that she is in a better neighborhood.

Her daughter Rita Bedrossian, a 2012 Hoover graduate, reflected on her mother’s kindness on her Facebook page.

“She spent her entire life living selflessly- loving us unconditionally, making sure everyone around her was supported and provided for, acting as a second mother to all of our friends, and bringing joy and positivity no matter the circumstance,” Rita Bedrossian wrote.

Rita explained that not even cancer would stop her mom from staying positive for everyone around her and even in her last days, she would reassure everyone that she was going to be okay. Rita wrote that she wishes to be half the fighter and at least a quarter of the supermom her mother Vilma was.

Hoover teacher Talin Kevorkian meet Vilma Bedrossian in 2009 and instantly developed a close friendship with her.

Added Kevorkian: “Vilma was totally dedicated to her students in Hoover High School. She was a dedicated, committed and compassionate educator, mother and friend. I definitely trusted Vilma to the point that I would constantly share my passwords with her.”

Vilma Bedrossian will always be remembered by her Hoover Ohana. She is survived by her husband, Vic, her daughters Lara, Nora, and Rita, and her brother Edmond. Funeral services are pending.