Back to School Nite going virtual

Back to School Nite going virtual

By Alen Bolboli and Jonathan Villalobos, Staff Writers

Back to School Nite will be back and virtual this year. Starting September 9, parents will have access to pre-recorded videos of their student’s progress on

The Glendale Unified School District announced that Back to School Nite for all schools will be virtual this year, due to concerns of having too many people walking on campus during the pandemic. 

Because of this announcement, it could not be decided whether it will be hosted through live zooms or pre-recorded. However, the success of pre-recorded videos last year, led to a majority of teachers from the departments voting for back to school night to be pre-recorded this year. 

Doug Laing, an assistant principal at Hoover High School, is in charge of organizing the event.

Many teachers were surprised when we asked them if they knew Back to School Nite was going to be pre-recorded saying that they knew it was going to be virtual.

English teacher, Carrie Van Ackeren, has done her part for BTSN for over 10 years.

“I knew it was going to be virtual,” Van Ackeren said. “But I was surprised that it would be pre-recorded.”