Coming Together For Ally Week


By Anais Mardirosian, Staff Writer


This week was Ally Week at Hoover, hosted by GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance Club). Also known as solidarity week, an event was hosted Thursday in the quad. 


Students and teachers were invited to sign the ally pledge and show their solidarity. 


People who signed the pledge earned a ribbon with the LGBTQ+ flag. 


Hoover ceramics teacher Gina Brownstein is the advisor of the GSA club. 


“We want Hoover to be a safe school for everyone,” said Brownstein. “This is a week for us to stand together and support each other and LGBTQ+.”


People who signed the pledge pledged to: Not use anti-LBGT+ language or slurs. Intervene, if I safely can, in situations where students are being harassed. Support efforts to make this, and every, school safe for all students.


“Ally week is a time where the students on campus are accepting of everyone and treat everyone equally,” said Demi Sedrakyan, the president of Hoover’s GSA. “I wish I had this when I was younger.”