Hoover suffers first loss of the season


By Jacob Siasat and Anais Mardirosian

The shining, bright sky quickly turned dark and grim during Hoover’s football game against Castaic High, as the Tornado’s winning streak was turned to dust by the Coyotes. Hoover’s previously perfect record turned 5-1 during Friday’s home game. 

In the first minutes of the game, Castaic scored an 80-yard touchdown off the first kick return. The Coyotes went on to score more and more, and by halftime the score was 41-6, with Hoover being on the losing end.

The final score of the game was 48-6, with the Tornados being rendered unable to come back from Castic’s massive lead.

One of the reasons that played a big part in the loss was the lack of players, of which there were 12 missing. Adding insult to injury, by the end of the third quarter, five players were knocked out of the game.

Ethan Davis, Hoover’s own quarterback, emphasized that the team as a whole did the best of their ability.

“We ran short on a running back position,” Davis said. “But, there’s nothing that we can do except play our hearts out and learn from this.”

Ethan gave props to Cedric Lynum, Daniel Baneham, and Vaghinak Sakanyan, for stepping up to the plate and fulfilling the roles of their missing players. They “answered the phone when they were called.”

Coach Michael Davis, Hoover’s special teams coordinator, felt that the Tornados can improve after this loss.

“We did not win tonight but we fought hard in the second half,” Davis said. “We have to improve next week during practice and everything.”