COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Mandated To Attend School


By Anais Mardirosian and Amy Zeynalyan

California is requiring students to get vaccinated to attend in-person school, starting in July 2022. On Friday afternoon, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the vaccine mandate, making California the first state to do so.


Students will be expected to get vaccinated after it gains FDA approval for middle and high school students. Grades 7-12 will be required to get it first, and eventually K-6. Lower grades will be exempt until the vaccine is approved for their age group.


“I think it’s safer for our school,” said Cedric Lynum, one of Hoover’s varsity football players. “It creates a better environment and the risk of getting covid would be a lot less with people getting vaccinated.” 


Students and teachers expectedly have mixed feelings about the mandate. 


“I agree with getting vaccinated, but not the mandate,” said Lara Tazian, a sophomore at Hoover. 


Anthony Peterson teaches psychology and economics at Hoover. 


“The sooner we get everyone vaccinated the sooner we get to go back to normal, which is what I want,” said Peterson. 


“For our entire school careers we have been mandated to get several other vaccines other than covid-19,” said Sean Fox, a sophomore at Hoover. “The covid vaccine shouldn’t be any different.”


Jason Umansky teaches regular and AP world history at Hoover. 


“A lot of the East Coast is already mandating,” said Umansky. “It was only going to be a matter of time if we look politically at what is going on in our country.”


“If you want to have the best school year possible and do fun things on the side, you have to be vaccinated at this point. It’s a benefit for everybody.”


Governor Newsom encouraged other states to follow California’s lead.