Halloween Costume Contest


By Esteban Aguilar Cortez, Staff Writer

Throughout this week there have been various themes for spirit week leading up to BGD (Beat Glendale Day). One of them being costume day where students can bring their costumes to school and show them off to the rest of the school. A costume contest during lunch was held to see who had the best costume amongst the students and the winner of that was Emmy Poulatian, who dressed up as the princess from the disney movie ¨Princess and the Frog.”

When asked about what made them choose their costume, “I like the princess and the fro,g “ said Poulatia., ¨I’m a big Disney fan.¨ 

Elin Hovsepian, a junior, decided to dress up along with her friends as ¨frat¨ boys. She and her friends wore flannels along with their hats backwards. 

When asked why they dress up like that, ¨we decided to dress up as the frat boys because we thought it would be a funny costume,¨ said Hovsepian, ¨we stayed up all night and wanted to pull it off.¨

The costume contest was a huge success and allowed for students to dress up and show off their cool costumes to others in the costume contest. People dressed up as all sorts of things ranging from dinosaurs to an ostrich costume.