Master in Music


By Alen Bolboli and Jonathan Villalobos

It’s the second semester with a not-so-new band director. Dylan Koester started his first year teaching Hoover High’s band in 2021. Koester is a well known educator/researcher and performer.

During the time he attended Tulane University, Koester initially majored in political science and economics, while he took music classes, as well as studied trumpet “on the side.”

During the time of his sophomore year, he had realized something important.

“I didn’t want to go into politics anymore,” Koester said. “Music was something I couldn’t give up.”

Bringing himself to a world of music, Koester’s decision to drop politics to pursue his passion for music would lead him to earning his Masters of Music Education, and eventually instructing prestigious university bands for four years; as he was the music instructor for the University of St. Thomas in Florida, as well as a graduate instructor for a famous band program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

He is now an instructor for Hoover’s very own program, a diverse program with committed, eager students who are willing to succeed in music.

“I like Hoover quite a bit. It’s in a great community in Glendale, there’s a lot of support for what we’re doing in the music program and an incredibly diverse student body,” Koester said. “I’m really excited for the work we’re going to be doing.”

“He always wants us to work efficiently but to never let anxiety, or stress rattle us,” Konstantin Stepanyan, a band member.

Koester is an advocate of the social well being of marching band students in all grades levels including college.

Said Stepanyan: “If we keep messing up a note he tells us to take a second to rest and understand why we’re making a mistake.”