Prom with Khloe

It was an unforgettable night for the Class of 2019. It was the night that Khloe Kardashian came to Hoover’s prom. The Tornado Times spoke with the people who were there about that special night.


By Matthew Madadian, Staff Writer

A night embedded in Hoover´s history is the prom of 2019. Prom was in Burbank. At the beautiful Castaway Restaurant. And Khloe Kardashian was at Hoover’s prom. Yes, that Kardashian. Not a look alike. The real one. She was the date of a Hoover senior named Narbeh Babakhani.

The Tornado Times spoke to Babakhani and others about the proposal to Kardashian, the lead up to idea, the night of prom, and the aftermath.

The Idea

Babakhani: ¨I was not excited to go to prom. In my dreams I had Khloe at my prom. So I thought since I already had a connection with her I should ask because what’s the worst she can say no. I just built up courage and went for it. ”  

Aylen Karapetyan (Babkhani´s friend):¨I thought it was crazy at first, but I knew he would find a way to pull it off.¨ 

Mel Melikian (Babkhani´s teacher): ¨I thought it was crazy, but knowing Narbeh I immediately didn’t think it was impossible. I had a feeling that it would work and he would do it.¨

Jennifer Earl (Hoover´s Principle): ¨I was excited for the student who invited her.¨ 

Anthony Peterson (Babkani´s teacher): ¨I had thought okay this probably won’t happen, but if he pulls this off it’s going to be pretty amazing.¨ 

Going to Prom

Karapetyan: ¨I was in the car when he got the call, confirming it. We were both really overwhelmed, I’m sure we both started crying. It was just unbelievable and knew it would make him really happy.¨

Babakhani: ¨I felt on top of the world.¨ 

Dr. Stepanyan (Hoover ASB Advisor): ¨Someone called me and said, ‘Guess who’s coming to prom? I said who, Khloe Khardashian. I was like what?’ Then my first thought went to security. How do we make sure it’s not a madhouse? How do we not turn it into a mad house is what I was thinking. Talking with Dr. Earl we have enough security at the door and know what time she’s coming. Making sure the 300 other kids that are there coming to prom also have such a good time.¨

Dr. Earl: ¨I went oh my god the logistics, how are we going to do this. But really her people handled the logistics, and we just did what they told us to do.¨ 

Peterson: ¨ When he did I was pretty surprised, because we were talking about one of those famous people in the world; people all over the world know that family and know her face so I thought it was cool and exciting for him. The kids were really excited that year.¨ 

Melikian: ¨I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen, I was so nervous of it not happening like something would change in the schedule. I was really excited and especially for Narbeh and hoping it would go the way he wanted it.¨

Day of prom

Babakhani: ¨The day of prom I felt super nervous and excited because It would make a lot of people at prom happy. When she was outside to pick me up all my nerves went away. Khloe really wanted a traditional prom, where you go to the park and take pictures.¨ 

Melikian: ¨It’s strange and exciting. I was amazed at the Hoover kids, they were so respectful and welcoming. Everyone was excited to have her there. She spent a lot of time with us. We talked about Narbeh, and the love for glendale, and how warm everybody was.¨

Kareptyan: ¨We were just waiting for both of them to come (Babakhani and Khardashian). They took pretty long so we were just pretty anxious about how everyone would act. No one knew about it. When everyone went towards them it was a really good feeling, knowing it would make Narbeh happy.¨ 

Peterson: ¨I was looking at the door and seeing security and was like OH they’re here. I actually went out for 15 minutes to breathe because all the kids were going crazy. Everyone was having a good time, which was really cool.¨ 

The memorable prom night ended with excitement from everyone. The uniqueness of the event led to the DJ of the event changing his schedule to bring more entertainment, adding on to the already unforgettable night. The event was also on the popular television series Keeping up with the Kardashians on season 17 episode 8. Seniors for sure had a one in a million type of prom. 

Babakhani: ¨To this day I have a Hulu subscription and Keeping Up is on Hulu. It’s so crazy to me that I can switch to episode 8 and see me.¨  

Babakani is going to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising college, which will help him in his journey with his clothing brand, Neutral. All while still keeping up with the Kardashian family.