Dogs bring joy to Hoover

By Jacob Siasat and Andrew Torres

Hoover High held the last Wellness Wednesday before spring break, and did it through therapeutic dogs. 

Lara Suri spearheaded the event, which resulted in a huge success and crowds.

The dogs were gathered in the Upper Quad of Hoover High, and they were met with bustling crowds of people eager to pet them. Students were visibly happier upon petting the dogs, and expressed how much they enjoyed the company of the dogs.

“The dogs made me so happy, and they definitely made my day better,” said Sarine Mardirosian, senior at Hoover High. “I hope they do this again regularly.”

Many other students felt that the dogs were cute, and it helped improve their mood throughout the day. 

Allan Garcia, a junior at Hoover High, said that “the dogs make me happy because they are cute and they like me.”

The student’s enjoyment of the event and their happiness meant the event was a success to Suri. 

“I wanted to organize this event to make students happier,” said Suri. “After all, it is Wellness Wednesday.”

She was able to bring the dogs through the Pet Prescription Team. The team and Suri had brought five dogs for the students of Hoover High.

Suri’s goal in Hoover is to make sure that students feel happier at school, since they are here for most of the year and eight hours a day. She even went as far as to open the Ohana Lounge, in which students can take a break during class, or hang out with friends or by themselves during snack and lunch.