Columbia on the Horizon


By Anais Mardirosian and Jacob Siasat

New York City is on the horizon for a student at Hoover High School. With an extremely selective acceptance rate of 3.73%, Columbia University has just gained a valuable student. 

Sarine Mardirosian is a senior at Hoover High School and the only girl on the Hoover Wrestling Team. She has just committed to the Ivy League school for her undergrad.

At Hoover, Mardirosian was an officer for the TASSEL club, a non-profit organization providing English education for children in Cambodia. She is also a mentor for Link Crew, which is a mentoring program for Hoover freshmen. Mardirosian is well-fit for this job due to her weighted GPA of 4.52.

“I’m very thankful to have had the privilege of calling Hoover home for the past four years,” said Mardirosian. “I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who’s supported me throughout all of this.”

Furthermore, Mardirosian wrestles outside of Hoover for Titan Mercury Wrestling Club. She also had leadership roles in Tech Trek, an outreach program for girls in STEM.

Through hard work and determination in high school, she was accepted into her dream school, Columbia University.

“The more and more I learned about Columbia, the more I wanted to go there,” Mardirosian admitted. 

She plans to major in astrophysics and will be a member of the Columbia Women’s Wrestling Club.

“I’m really excited, Columbia has a really developed women’s wrestling club and has amazing academic opportunities,” Mardirosian said. “Also the fact that it’s in New York City is very appealing to me.”

However, along with all of the excitement of a new beginning, she’s going to miss her life in California.

“It’s going to be a new chapter in my life and I’m really excited to explore it, but I’m not quite ready for this chapter to close.”

Mardirosian was also accepted to UCLA, USC, UCSB and Washington University in St. Louis.

She was waitlisted at Vanderbilt, Harvey Mudd, Brown and Princeton.