Cars shine bright at Hoover


By Jacob Siasat and Victoria Perez

Bright and early, the Hoover faculty parking lot was taken over by numerous students along with their cars in order to bring upon the car show.

Hoover ASB organized an event for students, as well as any other willing participants, on Saturday to take their car and show it off. At 9 AM, the parking lot was filled with a surprising variety of vehicles, with engines roaring and paint gleaming.

The show had a special guest, Greg, AKA Mr. Car Sounds. He brought a crowd of attention to him when he made extremely accurate car noises, ranging from the JZ engine of a Supra to a BMW M8. 

As expected, the scene was composed of a lot of BMW’s, however there were a few Japanese and European imports as well as some classic American muscle cars and pickups. One of the owners of these classic Americans was Don Barlow, a 1961 Hoover grad.

Barlow pulled up to Hoover in his head-turning 37’ Ford Pickup. It was actually the first car show that he had brought this Pickup to.

“I don’t know how to feel,” Barlow said, regarding the show.“It’s an interesting, indescribable feeling.”

However, the car show ended earlier than expected. The runtime was originally imposed to be from 9 AM to 1 PM, however cars started pulling out at 10 AM.

“I thought the show was cool,” said Ethan Haroutanian, senior at Hoover High.“But since some people didn’t show up, it ended earlier than we all thought.”