Prom Royalty Crowned


By Staff Writers


The dark, rainy evening was met by the flashing, blazing lights and the loud music at the Santa Anita Race Track. The Class of 2022’s Prom was not to be stopped by the overcast weather.

Participants of the Hoover 2022 Prom walked up the stairs into the venue, and were greeted by the dance floor as well as food and drink to enjoy. The venue oversaw the horse racetrack, making for a wonderful view to mingle upon.

However, most people were already migrating towards the dance floor. The loud music allured most of the participants to dance and jive, and even some teachers, like math teacher William LeClear took part as well.

“A lot more people were dancing than I thought,” said Pablo De Los Santos, a senior at Hoover High School. “So that was really fun.”

The dancing was put on pause for the Prom King and Queen to be chosen, and the Prom King ended up being Anthony Shahbazian, and the Queen being Osana Gaspar.

The event finished with huge success, with many people leaving with smiles on their faces and adrenaline pumping through their veins. The night was filled with pure joy and memories.

“It truly feels like a magical night,” said Dr. Mary Mardirosian, assistant principal at Hoover High.