A Game to Remember

Tornados set school record for most points in a game in 70-0 win against Mark Keppel.

By Natalia Khodaverdi and Ani Weimar

The first football game this year made history for Hoover. 

Hoover won its football game against Mark Keppel High School yet again on Friday night with a score of 70-0, setting a record for the most points scored in a game by Hoover in its 589th game in school history. 

The record-breaking game started with Mark Keppel kicking off, and the touchdowns started to slowly roll in after that. The first touchdown was scored by quarterback, Ethan Davis , from the seven-yard line. Kicker Daniel Baneham then made the extra point after the touchdown with 10 minutes and 32 seconds remaining in the first quarter. 

More of these were made during the first quarter, such as Daniel Rangel catching the ball from Davis and running into the endzone, Cedric Lynum scoring from the eight-yard line and the 25-yard line, Joseph Dizon made a touchdown, and finally, Samvel Mamalashvili finishing the period with a touchdown from the 25-yard line. The first quarter ended with a score of 41-0. 

The second quarter was yet another strong quarter with more touchdowns for Hoover, including Lynum scoring from the 20-yard line with eight minutes and 15 seconds left and Rangel making another one with six minutes and 37 seconds left. This left the score at 62-0 going into the third quarter.

Between the third and fourth quarter, only one more touchdown was made followed by a two-point conversion. All these plays led Hoover to victory, in addition to making history for Hoover by scoring the most points in one game. 

When asked about the strategies Hoover used, Baneham responded with, 

“Well, we run the ball a lot. It’s mostly a lot of teamwork, and we have really good defense”.

Furthermore, Lynum stated, “For me, as a starter running back, it was just to follow my blocks that the Coach told me to follow”.

Additionally, a few teammates were asked how they feel about winning. 

Baneham responded with, “It boosted our confidence, but we need to keep our head down and focus on the next game. We definitely feel a lot of happiness and excitement, though.”

Lynum followed by saying, “It feels great. I feel happy that I was able to accomplish that and be a part of that with my four touchdowns, so it was amazing”.

Some players, along with Coach Azad Herabidian were asked about their feelings towards winning by such a great amount and setting a new record. 

Sportsmanship was a topic that was brought up many times. 

For instance, “I try to stay humble for who I am because every week is a different opponent,” stated Rangel. 

Herabidian brought up, “It was exciting. We were trying to keep the score a little bit lower to display good sportsmanship.” 

This game was memorable and definitely a proud moment for Hoover.