A Hat Trick for Hoover

Tornado football team defeats Gabrielino 28-10 to move to 3-0 on the season.


By Katherine Coppersmith and Breann Pimenta

A lengthy, tough-fought game against Gabrielino High School on Friday led Hoover High to a 28-10 win on the road to improve the Tornados’ record to 3-0.

The Tornados faced their strongest competition yet but certainly showed up and fought their hardest despite challenges this week regarding the weather. 

The record-breaking temperatures this week were definitely not much help in preparation for Friday’s game.

“We just couldn’t have our guys conditioning as much,” Hoover Coach Azad Herabidian said. “We have to give them a lot more water break, which kind of breaks up the tempo and length of practice. We couldn’t have them wear their helmets all the time which means we couldn’t do certain drills which did have effect”.

After a lot of back and forth during the first quarter, running back Cedric Lynum ran the ball in to score the first touchdown of the night from the 15-yard line. Kicker Daniel Baneham then made the extra point with 4:23 minutes left in the first quarter to give Hoover a 7-0 lead.

Shortly into the second quarter Gabrielino gained possession of the ball and scored a touchdown.

Gabrielino recovered a Hoover fumble and kicked a field goal to take a 10-7 lead with eight minutes to go in the second quarter. 

Hoover didn’t trail behind for long though because, with two minutes left on the clock Frank Higginbotham made a six-yard catch getting Hoover in the lead once again. 

“I think that if it wasn’t for the entire team playing in the job that I wouldn’t have gotten as many stops that I could have got so I got to credit the entire team they did great,” Higginbotham said when asked about his first touchdown of the night. Hoover then got a two-point conversion caught by Daniel Rangel to take a 15-10 lead into the half. 

Going into the third quarter with a tight game Hoover knew they had to keep fighting if they wanted to win and they did just that. 

Lynum scored another seven-yard touchdown making it 21-10. 

“I feel that  overall our team did really well, being able to block really helped  and allowed  me to score two touchdowns, really gotta give it up to my blockers this game,” Lynum said. 

Hoover wasn’t finished, with two minutes left in the third quarter Gabrielino fumbled the ball and Higginbotham was quick to recover it and head down to score his second touchdown of the night, with Baneham adding the extra point for the final score of the game.

Higginbotham explained “keeping 24 and 6 contained and staying disciplined,” was the best way for him to stay focused and lead him to this successful game. 

Herabidian said  “I’m glad about 3-0 but not really thinking about that right now. I’m just thinking one game at a time but yeah I was a little bit nervous coming into this game because this week we didn’t have the greatest practice since it was hot game so thrilled that we will take this one.”