Fireball blazes to title

Quintet captures inaugural Dodgeball Tournament Championship.

By Aurora Johnson and Mariyah Zuno

Although Hoover has had a wide variety of sports since 1929, the school has never had a dodgeball tournament, but there’s a first for everything!

Hoover held its first-ever dodgeball tournament, which concluded on Wednesday with Team Fireball — consisting of Steve Park, Isaiah Alvarado,  Sebastian Jerumanis, Joshua Tania and Bryan Olmedo — taking the win.

There were four teams of five in the tournament — which was hosted by the ASB — and the last two teams standing made it to the final round, which consisted of a best-of-three series.

Team IRS won a tough first game in the series with Team Fireball winning the second game to force a winner-take-all championship game.

The title game was an intense one.

During the last round Sebastian Jerumanis pounded the ground in the heat of the moment while his friends hyped him.

“My friends were hyping me,” said Jerumanis.

Jerumanis was left alone with two Team IRS opponents and eliminated both of them to win the title for his team.

Team Fireball moved on to play the five teachers — Kris Lowe, Jason Umansky, Nathaniel Calvario, Garegin Arakelyan and Edgar Stepanyan — after beating Team IRS. Calvario started the teachers off strong by throwing the first ball with all his ability. 

The game was enjoyable all around for those watching and participating. While almost every team player on Fireball got out, Isaiah Alvarado was the last one standing in the first round and managed to quickly dodge three teachers aiming at him and get Calvario out. 

Although Fireball lasted a while against the teachers, the students unfortunately lost and the teachers took the victory.

When asked about a strategy, Olmedo replied with “get the biggest man out,” and Park agreed.