Avetyan Retires


By Erik Ghokasian Khoygani, Staff Writer

Hoover chemistry teacher Zhenik Avetyan is retiring. Friday will be her last day as a chemistry teacher at Hoover.

The early retirement comes as she “has to take care of her health,” which as she says, is the “number one reason” for her retirement.

The second reason, she says, is to “give younger teachers an opportunity to take the post.” For the rest of the year, Avetyan’s chemistry class will be taken over by Armen Ter-Oganesyan. 

Ter-Oganesyan has been a substitute teacher for a while and has a degree in biochemistry. He “is very familiar with the subject being taught” as per Avetyan’s words. She also went as far as to say that she is “positive that he is going to be a good teacher.”

Monday will be Ter-Oganesyan’s first day as the new chemistry teacher.

Many students were shocked by the sudden news of her retirement. Avetyan always has been a caring teacher who was loved by all her students.

“I would like to thank everybody…my admin, my colleagues…for the past great 27 years,” she said.