Davis ruled out for game

Freshman AJ Francisco to replace star junior as starter.


By Fatima Hernandez and Nelly Navasartian

Hoover High starting quarterback Ethan Davis won’t be playing in today’s game against North Hollywood due to an injury he suffered against Carpinteria during last Friday’s game at Glendale High. Freshman AJ Francisco will be starting today’s game at quarterback.

Davis suffered a neck injury during the fourth quarter and as time ticked, many were worried as he was lying on the field.

As for the coaches, Coach Azad Herbadian said “I think Ethan will be just fine.”

“What happened on Friday was purely a precautionary thing,” he added.

As he was laying on the field, Davis was trying to stay optimistic and cracking jokes, thinking about the positive side of playing through an injury.

“What happened was I reaggravated it, and my body kind of went a little into shock,” Davis said.

During the moment, the crowd and many others were left in such shock although Davis’ reaction was the opposite and kept his composure together.

“I’m trying to stay optimistic in situations like that and the best thing you can do for yourself mentally is stay calm,” Davis said.

The main focus for Davis is to make a healthy and safe comeback this year.

“Football obviously is something I really love doing, but when it comes to my health, it’s something I need to talk about with my family first,” Davis said

Football is a dangerous but thrilling game to play.

Many parents don’t recommend it, as his mom, Samantha Davis didn’t want him to play in the first place, but took a handful of convincing with the coaches, she got his back and has been supporting him injured or not.

“She also supports what I do and I think she trusts me to make the right decisions,” Davis concluded.