Did you know: BGD Edition


By Alen Bolboli, Staff Writer

Did you know? A common question asked by someone about to give you some information you didn’t know you needed or wanted.

Here is a list of 10 interesting facts about the Hoover-Glendale football game.

  1. Hoover High School was built to off-load the extra students from Glendale High School then known as Glendale Union High School. Ironic that the high school built to help Glendale High School would become its biggest rival.
  2. When Hoover was opened, the Board of Trustees for Glendale Union High School District banned Hoover and Glendale from competing in any athletic competitions. “The principles involved in competition between our two schools are unsound and detrimental not only to our schools, but to our city,” said the trustees. 
  3. The first ever BGD football game took place on December 5, 1930. This first would begin a tradition of competition that produced the slogan BGD, Beat Glendale Day. The proceeds would be given to charity and pay for the medical expenses for injured players. As the underdog hero of the story Hoover won, 12-6. 
  4. The first ever BGD game was billed as the Battle of the Ages. True to the atmosphere of its players and spectators. 
  5. In 2021, Glendale High School won the Victory Bell from Hoover after Hoover won it during the 2015 BGD game. Hoover would keep it during the 2016 and 2017 BGD games. 
  6. Glendale leads the overall series, 52-36-2.
  7. The largest margin of victory for Glendale was 51 points in 1991. For Hoover? A 42-point win in 1983.
  8. The highest-scoring game was in 2011, a 55-49 win for Glendale.
  9. Hoover’s John Hangartner won the CIF’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1954, when Hoover lost in the championship game.
  10. Hoover and Glendale used to play their rivalry game at the Rose Bowl, including having 25,000 spectators in 1947.