Chalking tradition continues

Chalking tradition continues

By Fatima Hernandez and Nelly Navasartian

The chalking tradition continued on Monday and lifted up the BGD spirit.

ASB members and many other volunteers such as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors chalked in the quad. This tradition has been going on for many years. Students used their creativity to create what’s seen and loved by so many students.

The hard work and many hours put into it make it so worth it, especially because the messages and characters catch everyone’s attention.

“It’s always really fun, but also horrible,” said Amanda Bystrom, Hoover’s ASB president.

Although it’s fun it also has many side effects like staying late at school while it’s cold, many leave later than the time posted, and yet still have homework to finish.

“We’re all collectively suffering so it’s really fun,” added Bystrom.

Chalking takes a big part of their day, but coming out and staying for the end is what makes it interesting.

Lydia Araujo, the senior class president, added: “It’s really time consuming, last year we stayed around like 9 pm, usually it’s only a few seniors that come, but it’s also tiring.”

Students spent three hours chalking after school on Monday.

“It’s fun because sometimes people we don’t usually get to talk to come, like yesterday I was talking to friends from elementary school I haven’t talked to in forever,” Bystrom said.