Behind the Scenes of the Yearbook

What goes into making the yearbook?


By Manika Parseghian, Staff Writer

The yearbook may just seem like a book with pictures in it, but there is a lot more that goes into making it.

Jessie Lim is this year’s new yearbook advisor. 

“It’s exciting and hard at the same time, but I try to do my best because the yearbook is like my gift to the seniors,” Lim said. 

What goes into making the yearbook?

“Creativity, love, time, and pride,” Lim said.

Students in the yearbook class plan what sections they want to cover, take good pictures, write captions, design spreads, and turn them all in before each deadline. 

“Yearbook is a very fun class where we get to talk to new people and be as creative as possible,” said Elin Tsaturyan. 

Students get their yearbooks sometime in late May. But the yearbook class is given deadlines to make sure everything is on the right track, which assistant principal Romela Khachikyan approves.

“The first deadline was on December 5th, in which we had to submit 48 pages, and the next 48 pages are due January 16th,” said Lim.

Last year, the yearbook was almost taken out of elective choices because of the lack of student interest, but because of the participation and passion of students in the class and a positive teacher, the yearbook is back on track.

Yearbook is a great class to show your creativity and meet new people. It is how memories are captured and saved for generations.