On the road again

Hoover girls’ soccer players share their experiences of playing on the road.


By Juliet Ixtlahuac and Valina Foeillet

What is it like playing a road game as a high school student?

Hoover’s new JV girls soccer Coach Leonel Ramos and his team experienced their first away game for the season. 

Jenna Chayah, the captain of the team, gave her thought of how experiencing her first away game was.

“I think that the difference in this away game was that we didn’t have time to warm up like in Hoover,” she said.

A lot of time was needed and it wasn’t really given to the fact that the referee only gave five minutes to warm up. 

Playing in the Glendale Sports Complex was new to all players, except for Chayah, where she has played all her games playing for AYSO.

“All my games I played in AYSO took place at the Glendale Sports Complex so it’s really cool that I got to play here,” Chayah said. “Even though I’ve had experience playing in the Glendale Sports Complex, I like the field in Hoover better because it’s significantly larger.”

Sandy Hijazi, a captain of JV girls’ soccer as well, agreed that playing in a different field wasn’t the same.

“Playing for Jv’s first away game was very unprepared, I think we could have done better if we had more time to warm up” Hijazi said. 

JV girls soccer’s first experience definitely was one to remember because it taught them the value of playing in their own field verses another field