What’s the CHSPE?


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By Areg Gevorgyan , Staff Writer

Is it worth taking the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) and ending high school a year early?

Former Hoover High student Tina Ghahremanians knows first-hand.

Ghahremanians passed the CHSPE test in 2017 and left Hoover during her junior year. 

Was it worth it? Did she regret leaving High School early? 

I am very happy that I did it just because it took me further in year wise, it took me less time,” she said.

 Leaving high school at a young age can be extensively difficult, especially because you lose years of experience.

“I knew some people said they might regret it since you don’t actually get a diploma, but I was very happy with my decision,” Ghahremanians said. 

Ghahremanians took a path that requires bravery, and self confidence, which is something that many people may find difficult.

Ghahremanians went straight to Glendale Community College, where her real adventure began. She was able to save time for her education, and achieve her dream job faster.

Hoover High student Stephan Mnoyan also plans on taking the CHSPE.

“I feel great about it, and it is a very big opportunity for me and others to take the CHSPE,” he said.

Taking the CHSPE is a risk that not many people would take, it requires Mathematics and English Language Arts. The registration fee for the CHSPE test is $230.

The CHSPE can give students a significant amount of advantage towards their future. Colleges allow students who pass the CHSPE test to attend college.

“I left in 2017, October, and the reason I did it was honestly because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, as in terms of schoolwise and not even though that I felt stuck, but I knew that I was able to start earlier, that was one of the main reason,”  Ghahremanians said. 

Not all students who fall behind in high school tend to go with this option. Instead, more students chose to take the CHSPE, because it would bring their future one step closer to them.