Van Patten, Ackerman honored

Duo selected to All-Pacific League team.


By Andrew Bae, Staff Writer

Two Hoover High boys’ basketball players were selected on the All-Pacific League Team. Zach Van Patten was selected to be Second Team and James Ackerman made it onto the Honorable Mentions list. 

Van Patten acknowledged his placement but remained humble and focused for the next season.

“It was cool,” he said. “But what’s most important is our season and so I just want to win. Hopefully we have a better season next year.” 

Although Van Patten was glad he was selected to the second team, he acknowledged and embraced his connection with the team.

“I’m glad I got picked but I mean, I think we all did well and we all had our mistakes because it makes it our wins and losses,” he said. “We didn’t lose badly but we lost a lot of close games.” 

Van Patten’s main hope for the team regarding the coming season is simply to play better, and to have better communication with the team on the court.

Hoover Coach Jack Van Patten felt very good about his two players making such achievements. He believed that they were most deserving out of the whole team. 

“The value of this year will be determined by how well we play next year,” he said. “Everybody’s kind of new, except for Zach.”

“We’re good outside of the league. But in the league, we’re the lowest playoff division. We didn’t lose to anybody badly. We didn’t play any horrible games.”

Hoover finished 0-14 in league.