Coppersmith and Cannon Shine in loss


By Breann Pimenta and Katherine Nalchajyan

Despite the strong performances of Katherine Coppersmith, Kirsten Cannon, and Jayda Russ-Wheeler, the Hoover High girls’ track and field team lost to Burbank, 79-12, on Wednesday at Burbank High.

The team was not prepared for the freezing weather that they were faced with, but still gave their all in their first meet. 

Coppersmith, a sophomore, kicked off the race in the varsity 400-meter dash. Despite the cold, she was able to run a 1:05, leading Hoover off to a good start with a first-place finish. 

Not long after, Russ-Wheeler, a junior, set out to run the girls’ varsity 100-meter dash, running a 14.28. Although it was not her PR, she still managed to get second place overall in this event. 

“We did good considering how cold it was,” said Russ-Wheeler.

Coppersmith hit the track running in the varsity girls’ 200-meter dash. She was able to place second overall with a time of 29.01. 

“I definitely think I could have personally performed a lot better,” said Coppersmith. “But for it being so cold, my times were okay. I hope to see myself and the team improve and advance further along into the season.”

Although Cannon didn’t place in a running event, she participated in the varsity girls’ long jump. Jumping a 13.5, Cannon won first place in this event.

“We don’t have a coach for long jump so it’s hard for us because we haven’t practiced it but we did it, well I did it, and it was pretty good. It just shows that with hard work, even with no coach, you can do it,” Cannon said.