Snow falls at Hoover


By Amanda Jacob, Staff Writer

A mixture of light snow and hail poured down around lunch at Hoover on Wednesday.

Many of the students had never seen snow, so it was a magical moment for them.

Freshman Valina Foeillet said, “I think it’s really cool how the snow is getting closer and closer to LA. I love the snow and this weather makes me so happy.” 

Another student at Hoover, junior Sophie Perloshyan said, “It was very cold. The weather is very unexpectable. The little droplets of rain and hail were shocking to me. I would never think I would experience this moment at school.”

Over the past couple of weeks, a humongous storm has hit Los Angeles, especially Glendale. There has been rain, heavy winds, hail, and even snow.

The rain has been causing dangerous travel conditions. On Wednesday, Los Angeles and Orange County saw up to half an inch of rain, with a high temperature of 55 degrees. The low was 46. Last week’s massive storm also dropped snow and hail on lower-elevation communities. Some of those communities hadn’t seen snow for decades.

According to ABC7, “Hail, light snow, and graupel were spotted in communities from Glendale to Santa Clarita to Whittier and throughout the Inland Empire.”