Working hard in the weight room

Hoover football team training for fall season with workouts.


By Alen Bolboli and Hovahnnes Shahinyan

The Hoover high football team is back on the field. 

This time, the Tornados are without football pads. 

They start off with weight lifting from 2:50 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day. . 

“Two weeks from now, we are going to go on the field and start with some basic fundamentals,” said Azad Herabidian, head football coach at Hoover.

Some examples of the basic fundamentals are passing and receiving, working on their football stance, and learning new tricks and plays for the season. 

“May 1 our spring training will start,  we’re going to weight lift from 2:50 till 4, then afterwards we’re going onto the field from 4 till 6:30 full practices 4 days a week,” said Herabidian.

The football team is preparing and getting stronger for next year’s season by doing a lot of weight lifting and practicing during spring training. 

“Spring training has been good and we are training harder and harder every day to do the best next season,” said Andre Vardanyan, a Hoover football player.

A lot of the players are doing other sports like track & field, basketball, soccer and other sports that improve themselves physically and mentally.

“Most important part of preparation for the football team is consistently practicing. The main goal for next year is to go out and try their hardest to win,” said Herabidian.