Hoover looking for soccer coaches


By Juliet Ixtlahuac, Staff Writer

After the soccer season ended, Hoover boys’ and girls’ soccer coaches Luis Ardiniado and Leonel Ramos quit coaching to do something else in their lives.

With no soccer coaches it left the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams questioning when they were going to get new coaches.

Were there going to be tryouts again?

Or are students already automatically on the team? 

“We have three men in line for being soccer coaches for the girls, we are focusing on one out of the three to be the best coach for the girls,” Hoover athletic director Nathaniel Calvario said.

“At the moment we still haven’t gotten any interviews for the boys’ soccer at all, ” Calvario.

Calvario is hoping to find people that are interested in coaching the boys.

“There will be new tryouts because the new coaches want to see how you play, but I would say that if there aren’t many girls trying out they are going to take any girl to be on the team,” Calvario said. “

We are debating on the best coach for the girls, but we are hoping that we find the best coach by next season.”