The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim Review


By: Sion Khachatoorian

The Elder Scrolls:V Skyrim [special edition] Review

The original Elder Scrolls V Skyrim came out on November 11, 2011 and now on October 28, 2016 it’s being remastered. The previous title was elder scrolls online and most people did think it was a good game; shortly after they didn’t fix the minor problems, so it didn’t become the most popular elder scrolls title. Now elder scrolls skyrim –loved by many fans of the series–  has many mods to play with but the game’s graphics are outdated and the game makers can fix that by adding more textures and better color creation etc.

There have been a lot of reworks from the original to the remastered version. Some of the developers have been talking about “god rays” which are when the sun goes through tree branches. These kinds of improvements the developer’s think about are what make some games simply great. They have also talked how the Ps4 and Xbox One can now download mods of the elder scrolls website, but the Ps4 is limited by only getting 1GB while the Xbox One gets 5GB. Also, Xbox One will  have a variety of external assists like textures and sounds files. Currently in the game there are 120+ mods on the Xbox and about about 47 on the Ps4.


The Verdict

From the looks of it, the game doesn’t appeal to be amazing, since it is a remaster and not a full game. However, it does open up a path for people who have never played the original skyrim to play or for veterans to have nostalgia. The game will not be as great on the Ps4 (due to mods) but it doesn’t mean that it will be a bad video game. From what I have seen on the pc, the mods make the original skyrim better looking. Therefore, I would only recommend this to new people that have never played skyrim and experienced the original mods because otherwise it is not worth the $60 price tag.


  • Improved  graphics
  • Includes all DLCs

  • Mods on PS4 and Xbox one have improved


  • No new features have been added

  • Problems with fps drops on pc

  • Lunch has been a little rocky and inconsistent

Rating: 8.0