Leave your toxic relationship

Leave your toxic relationship

by Pareli Amirkhanian
Relationships. That word can trigger different kinds of emotions for different people, all having to do with prier experiences.

The right kinds of relationships — full of love, commitment, and happiness — are the only ones that should take place.

Unfortunately, many unhealthy relationships happen with the victims not even realizing it. It’s not always verbal screaming or physical harm done; there are more subtle signs that are not always obvious to the eye.

These toxic traits and behaviors that take place soon become “normal” over time, and furthermore become incredibly hard to come to the realization of it and finally break the bond with the toxic person. Now, what are these behaviors that should never be tolerated?

One red flag is controlling partners. If your partner is constantly telling you what to do, who to be friends with, or who not to be friends with, leave them. Your partner should never be telling you how to live your life, but rather supporting you in every aspect.

They should also never be controlling in terms of your feelings. If you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells around them, afraid of what to say and what not to say, they are not healthy for you. You should not feel the need to hide your emotions, but rather feel free to express them in any situation.

Another trait that should not be tolerated is avoidance. If your partner purposely ignores you over and over again, not showing any care to the fact that they are not speaking or seeing you, don’t let it pass. A healthy relationship consists of assurance and wholeness with both partners putting in the same amount of work and effort. If you feel yourself in an one sided relationship, it is not a healthy one for you.

Extreme jealousy is another sign that your relationship is causing toxicity.  If you find yourself afraid to be in contact with certain people because your partner will get mad at you or start an argument over it, it’s not normal and should never be seen as normal.

Trust is a necessity in a healthy bond, and if it is not there, aiming towards a healthy relationship will be nearly impossible. Being tied down and not being able to speak to other people is not a form of care, but rather a form of control.

If you feel yourself not flourishing in the relationship, and growing together as a whole, it is not the right one for you. It may be hard to come to the realization and leave the relationship, but in the long run it will always be the better choice.