Room 4 takes the stage


By Pareli Amirkhanian 

Room 4 is their name. The band is composed of four artists. Vocalist Chenza Puno (’19), guitarist Matthew Moyer (’18), drummer Deni Cabaravdic (’18), and bass player Kirby Lanzanas (’18).
Able to play sixteen different instruments, Moyer was excited for the start of the new band. He loves being able to play in front of a crowd and getting the audience “pumped up and excited.”
Cabaravdic feels the same way.
“Playing the drums makes me feel like I can do anything,” Cabaravdic said. “It allowed me to open a whole new world, a world of friendship and hardship.”
Moyer and Cabaravdic previously had a band for over ten years together called Nova and Shadow Play.
Their more advanced band later on was called Creatures of Habit. With the lead singer leaving to New York, it came to an end this year, so they wanted to form the best band they could in hopes of actually getting somewhere with music. They knew this was the only way.
That is when Puno and Lanzanas came in. The band clicked and automatically became a collaboration of everyone’s talents in late September of this year.
Moyer’s friend and alumnus Isabel Vidovic (’19) says how proud she is of Matthew and the rest of Room 4.
“They are an awesome rock band, whose members are multi-talented and hardworking.” She believes that they have the perfect combination of talents.
Lanzanas was excited to join the band. Having a passion for music since he was born, Lanzanas has used music as a way to escape depending on his mood.
“Playing in front of a crowd really gives an exhilarating feeling that I love,” Lanzanas said.
Music has really touched the heart of singer Puno, who has been surrounded with music and performance since she was born.
She released her own album, “Nostalgic,” last month.
“I’m doing what I love, and I am able to express my emotions in a way words can’t,” Puno said. “We’ve created such a great bond, and I’m excited for our future opportunities together.”
Puno’s best friend Larrah Aquino (’19) is proud of Puno for following her music passion.
“I’ve seen them perform,” said Aquino. “I see them going far.”
Their first gig was on November 17 at the Whiskey, which is one of most iconic venues in Hollywood.
“I feel like it’s a dream come true,” Cabaravdic says. “I’ve always wanted to play somewhere famous and make a name for myself and my band.”
Moyer is filled with shock and joy over the Whiskey gig.
“Some of my favorite bands got their first start there,” he said. “The fact that we get to play there is amazing.”
Cabaravdic’s parents, Alem and Irene Cabaravdic, think this is a great opportunity.
“We are his biggest fans from when he first sat at the drumset, and we will continue to be his biggest fans.”
Coming soon, at the end of the month, is Room 4’s first song that will be available on iTunes called “Bang Bang Bang.”
From gigs to songs being released, the group agreed on this being a “dream come true.”