Quiñones sets new three mile


By Melanie Torres 

A two-decade long record for the three-mile run was broken on Oct.13 when Gabriela Quiñones (’20) broke Anita Siraki’s (’01) record of 20:02 in 1997.
The new record for the freshmen three-mile run is now 19:28.
The day of the race was no different from any other. It started with her same pre-race routine: stretching and taking laps. After warming up, she approached the starting line with her mind targeted on the same goal of every race: to win.
With determination and endurance, Quiñones broke the record by a full 34 seconds.
“I was shocked and overcome with emotions,” Quiñones said.
For Quiñones, running is an escape from all of the stress and pressure from school.
Quiñones was first introduced to cross country at Toll Middle School when she tried out for the track and field team as an eighth grader. Through this experience, she found her passion.
At Toll, Quiñones also thrived. She won first place in the mile races against Wilson, Roosevelt, and Rosemont.
Quiñones runs everyday on her own and maintains a healthy diet to stay prepared for her next race in order to succeed against other high schools.
“I make sure to have a balanced diet of carbs, protein, veggies, and fruits,” Quiñones said.
Before a race, she makes a thorough schedule for herself.
“When I get to the location, I usually warm up for ten minutes by doing laps and stretching, and soon arrive at the starting line,” Quiñones said.
Outside of practice, she hikes and jogs, averaging about 35 miles per week.
“Gabby’s potentials are endless,” Coach Jack Sallakian said. “She’s determined to be the best at everything.”
Quiñones inspires her team to work hard and reach their goals as well.
“She gives races her all, it doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is,” former teammate Ryan Tavakoliyan (’20) said. “She always supports her teammates.”
Although breaking the three-mile record is a monumental accomplishment, this is only the beginning for Quiñones.