Top 3 Best Gaming Headsets


By Sion Khachatorian 

#3. Hyperx Revolver- price $120-$130

The Hyperx series is one of the best pc gadgets company. They make great mice, keyboards, SSD, hard drives and they are one of the best for headsets. The revolver is made out of leather and a very durable steel build. It also is compatable for Xbox One, Mac, PC and PS4 which is great since many headsets are focused only on certain games.

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Durable build

Compatible for all devices


Not very good mic quality

A Lot of sound leak

Noise cancellation is minimal

No 7.1 surround sound

#2. Logitech G933 Artemis spectrum – price $130-$199

Logitech has been known for their webcams, but surprisingly they make great headphones, keyboards and mouses too. The g933 is their most expensive headset on the market right now; it’s not the most durable headset ever, so drops may be a bigger problem since they are made of mostly plastic. The headset may feel a little flimsy and light but is very comfortable for long hours of gaming. This headset is built for gaming so using it for music and studio work would not be the best idea, however, if it is all you have then it will do a decent job. There headset has other useful features like buttons on the side of the headset and a retractable mice.

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Pros –

7.1 surround sound

Comfortable ear pads

Great balance of highs mediums and lows

Cons –

Plastic design

Mic picks up a lot of background noise

Feels cheap for the price but performs very well


#1. Sennheiser Game One $180-$250

The game zero is the most expensive headset and the most high quality headset of this list. If you have about 200 laying around and want a very high quality headset then this is for you. I understand that most people don’t have this much money to spend on a headset, but if you are a competitive gamer that spends 25+ hours a week then I would suggest you to get this. It has excellent 7.1 surround sound and a light plastic build for long hours of gaming. The GAME ONE also has twisted ear cups to rest on your shoulders when you are not using it. Another feature is a volume scroller on the side. It come in two colors: red accents with a white body and red accents with a black body.

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7.1 surround sound

Very light

Open Back design

Background noise canceling mic


Not wireless

Plastic build