Former principal Donald Duncan passes away


By Pareli Amirkhanian

Donald Duncan, school principal from 1974-1995, passed away last month at age 82.
He holds the record of the longest time served as principal at this school— 21 years.
Leaving in February of 1995, he continued to show his care by recruiting students for California’s first full-time high school due to the overcrowding in Glendale schools (which never materialized).
According to his obituary on written by his granddaughter Nicole Batten, Duncan was seen as a kind and compassionate man, who treasured being able to educate students and teachers.
“Don inspired and touched the lives of many as an educator, a father, a friend, and a grandfather,” she wrote.
When he retired in 1995, he told the student body just how much he enjoyed being a principal for so long.
“I have never looked at being principal as a job, but as an adventure,” he said.
Duncan also mentioned how he will always cherish the memories that the students, parents, community and the staff gave him.
English teacher Kathy Angers grew up with many of Duncan’s family members. She attended school when Duncan was principal, and she was hired by him as well.
She remembers him as a calm, pleasant, and amiable principal who allowed teachers to do what they did best, with their own personal style.
Foreign language teacher Donald Ashman got hired in the fall of 1973, and later on spent his second year with Duncan as principal.
Ashman explained how Duncan was the “finest man” that he ever worked for.
He said how he believed Duncan was honest, took great care of the teachers, and that he was fair to the students.
“There was no better administrator, ever, in the Glendale Unified School District than Donald Duncan.”