And the Oscar goes to…


By Theodore Bjornsson

Best Actor

Casey Affleck. Affleck plays Lee in the film “Manchester By The Sea” as a drunk who gets in fights and makes his living by loading scrap into dumpsters. However, after his brother dies and his son is left in the custody of his alcoholic wife, Lee attempts to gain custody of his nephew. He gradually changes because he has found a reason to love again, and that’s captured so well in Affleck’s acting; the struggle of fighting for a kid’s life against a monster in disguise.


Best Actress

Emma Stone. Stone should win for her singing and acting in “La La Land.” Her potential has been hidden behind other roles such as Mary Jane in “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012) where she acts as a damsel in distress. This was the first musical the actress played in and she knocked it out of the ballpark. Stone has always had an amazing ability to make her emotions ultra-realistic. When her relationship with her boyfriend falls apart, you feel like she lost the love of her life. And vice versa, when things start looking up for her, you can sense the happiness gleaming in her smile.


Best Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali. In “Moonlight,” Ali plays Juan, a Cuban drug dealer who takes on the responsibility to raise a fatherless boy bullied at home and at school for being gay. Throughout his life, several people have come up, “at the right time and contributed” to how he portrays himself, Ali said in an interview with IndieWire. His acting is true due to his personal experiences. You feel like it could be a recreation of a mentor that raised him; he had to just put on the shoe of mentor instead of apprentice. His acting is heartfelt, passionate and realistic.


Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis. Davis plays Rose Maxson in the movie “Fences,” a dedicated wife who stands by her husband as he falls into chaos after being denied his fame, claiming that he is the best baseball player in history . Her own feelings and criticisms are put aside in order to be there to protect her family. But when he becomes blind and corrupt to rage, she snaps and delivers a great monologue on racism and loyalty. Her eyes and nose run and disappointment screams from her eyes. None of the other supporting actresses gave that sort of delivery.


Best Picture

“La La Land.” “La La Land” now holds the record for the most Oscar nominations given to a musical, and tied for the most nominations ever, tying with “Titanic” (1997) and “All About Eve” (1950). The film captures the romance between two struggling, young adults on a journey to pursue their dreams. Emma Stone plays the role of Mia who works at Warner Brothers Studios. Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician trying to revive his art. The two fall in love under a beautiful night sky on the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles, choreographed to a romantic song. The film’s ability to relate to all individuals with passion is exceptional. It also puts in perspective that dreams do not come true without work and sacrifice, even when that sacrifice causes you to lose those you might care for most.