Restaurant Review : Central Grille


By Aaron Facundo 

Brand new, good food and great service.
Over the weekend I was tempted to visit this brand new eatery that has been on my route for the past few months and I am so glad I did.
Walking into the building, I was greeted by a kind hostess who as always, asked me “how many?” “Booth or table?”
But to my surprise, as I was seated, I was given an printer paper-size menu where one side was for entrees and the other for drinks. The food options were not very wide.
The first highlight of this restaurant was its strawberry lemonade. Upon ordering the drink I expected nothing but a minute maid squirted with strawberry syrup but it was much more than that. I could tell the lemonade was made at the restaurant and with precise care. The glass which it came in was no more than 12 ounces, making every single sip savory. The glass contained very minimal ice which is always a plus so that my drink would not get watered down. At the bottom of my drink was some sweet strawberry slush which made the finals few sips so satisfying. Overall, the strawberry lemonade was one of the best I have ever had.
The appetizer my group picked was the fried calamari and tempura shrimp which came with a side of aioli and marinara sauce for 11.99 dollars. The dish came out hot as always, the batter was very crisp and the seasoning was so savory. Overall, I would rate it four-and-a-half shrimps out of five.
From the small selection of foods, what caught my eye was the bacon and swiss sliders which contained aioli, caramelized onion and ranch and costed only 12.50 dollars. Upon ordering, I was given the option as to how I wanted my meat cooked. To which I asked for medium.With this, I ordered a side of truffle fries Within 20 minutes, my food quickly arrived.
My sliders were still steaming but the truffle fries still remained cold. Consisting of sliders, aioli, bacon, swiss cheese and caramelized onions. But to top off, the holy grail was the hawaiian sweet bun which enclosed it all.
I take a bite out of one of the three hand-sized hamburgers and to my surprise, flavor engrossed my entire mouth and juice was running down my chin. At this moment, I figured I was in love with this restaurant.
However, the truffle fries were a bit disappointing, they came out cold and the batter made the fries stick to each other.Overall, the seasoning was so bland it was almost as if I was eating regular seasoned french fries from McDonald’s, only worse.
For all three of my items, I paid around 35 dollars. I would personally say that the price was reasonable. The taste, the atmosphere and the price were all reminiscent to that of BJ’s. Overall I would rate my experience 10/10.
801 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203